Monday, September 10, 2012


  1. Mmmm.  Coffee.  And our cool little hand-powered coffee grinder.
  2. Locally made chocolate.  And two of my favorite open-faced sandwiches.
  3. Our Friday night date.  Dinner.  Wine.  Couch.  Bill Maher.  Party animals!
  4. Sunday morning pancake breakfast.
  5. Forty-two mile bike ride.  ProBar Nutty Banana BOOM.  Tastes like freshly made banana bread.  Boom, indeed.
  6. Alice playing quietly (!!) by herself (!!).
  7. Here is a perfect example of what happens when you try to bake while entertaining a cranky baby.  I've made these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies a dozen times before.  No problems.  But this time I wasn't paying attention and I am pretty sure I only put half the amount of required flour for the first batch.  Whoops.  They may look ugly, but they taste delicious!


  1. I love how a 42 mile bike ride just casually mentioned in there- very nice! Sounds like a lovely weekend, and messing up baking proportions definately happens to me too :)

  2. Love your hand held coffee grinder, cool. I'm with Mama Smith, a 42 mile bike ride should not be casually mentioned, you should be shouting about that from the mountain tops, that's an awesome achievement!
    We love Bill Maher too :)

  3. Great collage! You are so very talented.

    I'm proud of you for being ambitious and riding 42 miles, plus baking, plus taking care of a little one, plus making meals, plus date night... YOU ARE AMAZING! Love you so much! xo


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