Sunday, October 18, 2009

It trips me out....

 (Millcreek. Pipeline trail. My hot husband.)

...that this is my HUSBAND!! Lee and I have officially been married 2 weeks... and I have to say... as exciting as it is to say 'my husband'... it's really not that different than before! I mean, Lee and I have been living together since July and before that we spent A LOT of time together either at my place in Santa Monica or at his place (now technically mine, too) in SLC so the transition to married life didn't change much other than 'the title' of husband and wife. 

What is really exciting/new/fun/thrilling/giggle-inducing... is that I catch myself smiling when I think about 'my husband' and the commitment and the promises we've made to one another.... to share all that we have and all that we are with each other for the rest of our lives. I'm excited about ALL that the future has in store for us! Just the thought of it gives me tingles....
So a brief recap on the wedding weekend.... there was a lot of family and some friends... a lot of eating and drinking... a lot of laughter... some tears of joy and happiness (mostly shed by me)... a little rain on our wedding day (which is good luck!)... more eating and drinking... (hey, half of our guests were Canadian!) and a lot of LOVE. 

All of the planning and coordinating and home-improving that Lee and I did in preparation for our wedding weekend was well worth it in the end... our events turned out just as we planned and our guests had a wonderful time... and so did we! The uncertain and wacky Fall weather tried to rain us out but we had a 20-minute window of 'no-rain' and we were able to do our ceremony as planned outside in the Fragrance Garden at Red Butte. After the ceremony, just as we left the garden and walked back into the shelter of the Orangerie... the heavens opened up and the downpour of rain began. It was... perfect. :-) 

Lee and I did not do an immediate honeymoon following our wedding weekend.... we decided to stick with our tradition of doing an annual trip in January/February (we have a good track record so far - Argentina in 2008 and South Africa in 2009) ... there is talk of either Japan in December or India in January.....

....or BOTH if I get my way. ;-) 

P.S. I have a lot of candid pictures that I will post soon. Also... we had a fabulous photographer do our wedding shots a few days before our event. I am eagerly awaiting the final proofs!

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  1. Yeah, sometimes it trips me out that I'm married too, and I've been married almost 7 years. It took me a while to get used to calling Evan my husband. Does the word husband roll off your tongue yet?


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