Thursday, January 5, 2012

These rock.

In keeping with one of my 2012 resolutions, I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies yesterday.  And they were so good!  I used this recipe and only modified it a teeny bit.  I didn't have chocolate chips (and didn't feel like walking to the store in the single digit temperatures) so I used chopped up chocolate bars instead.  And I didn't add nuts because someone in this house doesn't like nuts in their cookies.  I also followed the advice of a few reviewers who said to make the cookies a bit bigger and not to flatten them before baking.  I assume this keeps them more chewy and moist (which they totally are) rather than flat and crunchy.  Oh.  And I baked mine for 13 minutes (rather than 9 minutes), turning halfway through as suggested.

Basically, these cookies rock. 

And does your kitchen look like this after you have been baking or cooking?  This is only a small sampling of the huge mess I made making these cookies.  And there was also flour all over the floor.  Of course. 


  1. Oatmeal cookies sound so good right now. I think they're vastly underrated and are perfect for too-cold days.

    I've been doing better in decent days of cleaning as I go - it's the dishes from everyday dinners that kill me! I've ben reorganizing and deep cleaning my kitchen this week - pulling every.single.thing. out of its place. I'm nearly finished but it's such a disaster I can barely stand to look at it right now. It always gets a little worse before it gets better!

  2. ha ha! My kitchen always looks like a bomb went off when I try to cook or bake. Seriously ridiculous!! These sound yummy. Feel free to send me some. :)

  3. Those look so yum. I just got a new baking sheet for Christmas and I'm excited to use it!


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