Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spoon Me.

Be still my American-made heart!    

I'm the first to admit that I am a total nerd when it comes to buying things made in America.  When we found out I was pregnant and started shopping for baby things, we did our best to buy as many American-made products as possible.  And we managed to do pretty well!  Just to name a few, Alice's crib, crib mattress, nursery rug, dresser, mobile, baby carrier, nursery artwork and many of her clothes are made right here in this country.

Now that we've gotten the nod from Alice's pediatrician to start feeding her real food, I did a bit of research and found these adorable little white spoons that reminded me of ones we had when I was growing up.  And look!  They are made right here in the U.S.A.  Plus, the company is committed to being friendly to the environment, too.

"At Baby Liberty, we take pride in selling only the best quality USA made products to our customers, keeping in mind both your baby and the environment.  Our spoons are produced with 80% recycled high-quality stainless steel and are free from phthalates, adipates, lead, and BPA.  And they are produced and packaged using renewable hydroelectric power from Niagra Falls."

They had me at renewable hydroelectric power.  Swoon!!  


  1. google "baby led weaning" and leave the spoon behind! ;)

    I think you would enjoy it. I call it lazy feeding.

  2. Cute. My friend did baby lead weaning and it worked well for her, but I loved the spoon feeding stage and exposing Wyatt to so many tastes and textures. He munched up so much food during that stage before he learned to be fussy :)

  3. Love the spoons! Those are great. And I find that my little one really likes to hold onto a spoon while he eats with his other hand (half baby led weaning, half learning to use utensils?)!

    It's so great to buy American-made, too!

  4. Wow, I do remember some baby spoons that I used with you and your sister. Sometimes, I wish I kept some of those items, but as you know, I'm a bit of a pack rat... so it's probably best they got sent to the 2nd hand store.

    She may think they are toys to chew on. Let's hope Alice enjoys using those spoons for a long time. xoxo

  5. We're trying baby lead weaning too, waiting until six months. It does sound like a fun & easy way to enjoy food. My friend's kid thrived with it, by 11 months he was eating spicy salmon sushi (in the split second his mum wasn't looking he grabbed hers and munched it down!).

    The spoons are beautiful


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