Thursday, July 26, 2012


"But I'm a girl, Mom!" July 2012.   

Before I had Alice, I loved going to stores to look at all the baby clothes and imagining how they would look on our little girl.  Onesies.  Sun dresses.  Hats.  Rompers.  Pajamas.  One day, near the end of my pregnancy, I was at the Gap and saw this adorable little purple gingham romper in the sale rack.  It was for a 3 to 6 month old little boy but I thought, because it was purple, it would totally work for a little girl.  So today Amanda picked out and dressed Alice in that adorable little purple gingham romper and she looked just like a little boy.  A bald little boy with long eyelashes and delicate features.  So Amanda tied a white ribbon around her head.  You know, to girlie her up a little bit. 

And she still looked like a little boy.  A very stylish little boy, though!

Would you dress your little boy in a purple gingham romper?  Alice's little boyfriend, Max, just happens to have the exact same romper but in turquoise blue gingham.  He looks so cute in it!

Dr. Seuss's ABC. Alice's favorite.   


  1. The purple romper is totally girlie, Alice looks so cute & quite taken by the book. I would not dress a boy in a purple romper. Purple doesn't strike me as a boy's colour?!

  2. She is so cute and doesn't look like a boy. Just a beautiful bald headed baby girl.

    You had a lot of dark brown hair when you were born, then around 3-4months old your hair started thining a bit. We thought you looked like an old man (a few bald spots). When your hair started to grown back in, it was a more auburn color. I made a few small bows (about 1 inch or smaller size). I would try and clip in your hair. I also used Karo syrup to stick the small bows to your "semi-bald" head. Give it a try... xoxo


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