Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tia Amanda.

Amanda & my wedding bouquet. October 2010.    

Alice is going to meet someone very special today.  My baby sister!  My baby sister who is currently living in Panama working for the Peace Corps.   My baby sister who fluently speaks Portuguese, Spanish and Ngäbere.  Never heard of Ngäbere?  Me either.  But she speaks it. 

If you can't tell, I am super proud of her.  And I can't wait for Alice to meet her Auntie Tia Amanda.

Do you speak any languages fluently?  Nope.  Wish I did.  I do speak a mean Spanglish after I've had a few cervezas, though.  ¿Dónde está el baño?


  1. I remember that bouquet. It was absolutely beautiful... just like your little sister Amanda.

    It's great she has a chance to visit you, your cute husband and of course, the main attraction "Little Alice". Have a great time! xoxo

  2. How exciting! Your sister sounds super interesting and I'm sure Alice will love meeting her.

  3. How exciting. Love her NAME! :) I wish I spoke another language. So cool.

  4. How exciting!! I wish I spoke another language & I have never heard of Ngabere either. Have a great time with your sister xx

  5. I bet your sister is excited! :)

    she sounds like a smartie - I speak Spanlish as well (after living in California it was pretty good for awhile).

    German, not so much. Thankfully, "beer" is "bier". :)

  6. How exciting! Your sister sounds amazing, and you sound very proud. I speak French, but that's it.


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