Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Birds. Books.

We've picked out a nursery theme.  Actually, I picked it out and my husband agreed to it.  Birds.  I've always loved birds.  Still do.  But this won't be a yikes-look-at-all-those-birds type of theme.  Just a few accents.  Art, mostly.  I found these bird pictures on Etsy, made by American artists.  We framed them this weekend.  And eventually we'll hang them.  Baby steps, you guys.

The other day, while reading a new-mom blog, I realized we had no books to read to the wee-one when she arrives.  I know we could basically read her cooking recipes or the NY Times while she's really little but I wanted something visually stimulating.  Books that she can eventually get her hands on.  Books with big shapes, bright colors and lots of contrast.  And I love the ones we found.  They will be perfect.   

Here's to birds!  And books!  And babies arriving on their due date!  Or even a few days before. 

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