Monday, July 30, 2012

Halibut Point.

Views from The Lobster Pool. July 2012.    

Since my sister has never been to New England and since I haven't really been that many places here, either, we decided to take a day trip up the coast over the weekend.  Amanda had a fellow Peace Corps volunteer who was home visiting family and that family just happened to be in Rockport, MA, which is a short trip from Boston.  Hearing good things about it, we decided to go.  And, oh!  What a beautiful place.  First, we stopped at The Lobster Pool for lunch.  We arrived before the rush and had our pick of tables overlooking the Atlantic.

After a delicious lunch of fresh seafood, we walked a short distance to Halibut Point State Park (you were right, Lilly!).  This park was once a granite quarry but, since 1929, has become a stunning state park with meandering paths past water-filled excavation sites leading toward tidal pools and rocky beaches.  Alice enjoyed a breezy lunch while my husband and my sister explored the nooks and crannies of the remaining granite.

We spent an hour or two leisurely strolling the trails, passing Alice back and forth to one another, snapping photos and taking breaks sitting on granite boulders while taking in the beauty of this area.  I know I tend to wax poetic about missing Utah and all of its beauty but, damn, it sure is gorgeous here.

Do you have any recommendations of state parks to visit while we're living in New England?  I've never been to Maine but it is definitely on my list of places to see before we leave Boston.  Also Eastern Canada!

Tidal Pools and a Fisheye. July 2012.    


  1. Great photos. So pretty there, one of our favorite spots! It's also wonderful in the winter for snowshoeing.

    Franconia in NH is lovely... and we did a camping trip through Maine and up into Canada and the Bay of Fundy when I was pregnant and each and every spot was spectacular. Utah is gorgeous but we've got some pretty good stuff here too :)

  2. nice photos

  3. Wow. Amazing photos! I'm really digging the fish-eye lens!

    I wish I had a recommendation for you, but I've never been to Maine. Although I hear it is gorgeous and it is a goal of mine to go when the kids are a little older. Have a great trip!

  4. Ditto to the above comments about how beautiful that state park is. GREAT PICTURES! I love the picture with little Alice chewing her fingers... YUM! I miss you "3". Hope you had a great time with your little sister. xo

  5. Sadly, I don't think I fully took advantage of New England when I lived there. You take things for granted in your backyard I think.

    My sister lived in Bar Harbor, ME for a summer and loved to run in Acadia National Park. Climb Cadillac Mountain - the first place to see the sun rise in the United States. I have never done it but want to.

    For ocean front, I love the Vineyard, Cape Cod rail trail for biking, Marblehead for oohing and ahhing over water front amazing homes.

    In the fall, you should check out Quechee, VT for some spectacular foliage. Reminds me of Utah, very quiet, beautiful. And "mountains" but tiny compared to UT!

  6. oh my goodness, so fun. I have to visit. Adore this post, hun. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post and guest post for Lauren Conrad. Thanks, love. xo

  7. So very happy that Amanda got a chance to see your little one before she was old enough to vote. HaHa... Amanda is amazing. But so are you as a new mother, keeping your new one happy and content. Plus also being a loving wife. You are absolutely amazing. I love all the fun pictures. Someday soon, I'll come visit again and see more gorgous places in Maine. xoxo


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