Sunday, July 29, 2012

Going Public.

Breastfeeding. Oh, how far I've come! July 2012.       


  1. Oh, good for you! Yay for being comfortable to nurse in public. I never got comfortable with my first, but now with Eden I will nurse just about anywhere.

  2. Love it! Beautiful setting too (is it halibut state park?). I tried to use the tent thing but eventually he would just lift it up and expose me anyway :)

  3. yay! I have nursed everywhere I think at this point. On a military base while dudes in uniform walk by, at restaraunts, parks, public pool, mall, out to eat with my in laws, on an airplane..I vowed I would never do it in a bathroom!

    the photo is beautiful :)

  4. Beautiful views, great place to feed your little one. Relax and enjoy. I love that you are comfortable feeding her in public... she has to eat, right! xo


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