Tuesday, July 31, 2012


They've bonded already. July 2012.    

My sister has left Boston to go back to Panama.  Her visit was short but full of fun.  We welcomed her calming presence, her talent at making the perfect cheese plate, her ability to make Alice smile, and her stories about her completely opposite life living in Central America (no electricity, no cell/internet, no running water, bugs the size of your hand!).  She has gone back to her little remote town on a piece of land jutting into the Caribbean to live with the Ngäbe people.  We won't see her for another nine months or so. 

And we miss her already.

Edible Art. Cheese Plate by Amanda.   


  1. That IS the most beautiful cheese platter I've ever seen! Great that you got to spend time with her!

  2. That's nice that your sister got to visit. I have to admit I'm jealous. I always wanted to have a sister to be close with (mine passed away as a child) and now when I see sisters I get a little sad. But I am happy to know I've given my daughters the gift of a sister and whenever they want to kill each other will remind them how precious a sister is.

    Your sister sounds like a pretty special one if she's off saving the world one village at a time! Your daughter will be lucky to learn lots from her growing up!

  3. Oops, scrolled down too far and put a note on yesterday's blog. But ditto. So nice that Amanda got to see your little one.... before she grows up and can drive a car. Such fun pictures. Have fun on your next adventure. xoxo


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