Friday, July 27, 2012

Fish Eye.

Through the peephole. July 2012.    

A week or so ago, I added a new toy to my camera kit.  I've wanted a fisheye lens for some time but was intimidated by both the price of the lens and the artistic nature of that type photography.  I found a great deal on a mint-condition used fisheye lens on Amazon for a few hundred dollars less than a new one so I bit the bullet and ordered it.

And I have loved using it since the second I put it on my camera.

Wow.  It is so fun to shoot!  Pictures that would normally be boring and straight-forward take on a whole new perspective with the curved nature of this lens.  It has definitely taken me some time to get used to how to frame shots to get the best fisheye effect but, so far, I believe it was money very well spent.

So please excuse if the next few weeks are filled with bizarre looking and weird perspective-type photos as I learn how to use it!

Do you like the look of the fisheye photos?  Do you have any tips on how to shoot with this lens?  I have a lot to learn but I've found that just by crouching below or standing above my subject, the perspective totally changes!

    Make way for Ducklings. Public Garden.     


  1. It's SOOO cool! I can't wait to get a good camera so I can start having fun! I fish eye lens is gonna have to go on my list too. :)

  2. Great photo of the ducklings, so cool.

  3. Wow that is really pretty. The ducks look like so much fun... Is the park near you? You certainly have an eye for getting a perfect photo. xoxo


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