Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pat's Day.

Boston Marathon, 2012. Alice thought it was a snooze-fest.

Yesterday was a holiday here in Boston.  Patriots' Day!  It was also the running of the 116th Boston Marathon.  Lee took the day off and we loaded Alice up in the stroller and headed out to watch the race.  Good god.  It was hot out there.  90 degrees!  Alice was an angel and managed to sleep for the entire 3 hours we were out.  Miraculous!  Congrats to all those that finished the race in that dreadful heat.

So I have had a bit of a tough time when getting dressed to go out of the house.  Trying to figure out what works and what doesn't work with breast feeding is sort of a pain in the ass.  I've found somewhat of a solution, though.  You know those belly bands you can wear while pregnant to keep your protruding stomach from poking out the bottom of your shirt?  I've found that if I wear one under the shirt I am wearing, when I lift up my top to feed Alice, my belly and my back aren't hanging out, which leaves me feeling less exposed.  I did find one relatively normal-looking nursing top from Gap that is pretty cute, although it looks ridiculous on the model.  I mean, why are they showing shirts for breast feeding on still-pregnant women?  Dumb.

And in other news... I ran today!  Sort of.  I'd call it more of a shuffle but it felt amazing, nonetheless.  Alice and I did a brisk walk to the grocery store and on the way home, I picked up the 12-minute mile walking pace to a blazing 11-minute mile running pace and shuffled for a block or two.  I am sure I'll be sore tomorrow.  But I'm back, baby! 

Do you have any other ideas for how to wear non-maternity/non-nursing clothes while breast-feeding in public?  I guess I should just get over it and let it all hang out.  Right?!


  1. Wow, Alice is growing so fast! She looks like an adorable chubby baby instead of a newborn all of a sudden! So cute!

    Congrats on running again. I just started again (nearly 8 months after giving birth) and I love all of it except the big nursing boobs bouncing up and down!!!

    Also, I responded to your question about the Bumbo back at my blog.

    Have a great day!

  2. Aw, Alice's baby acne has settled into cute freckles like her mom!

  3. Congratulations on running again! Doesn't it feel great, no matter the pace? I remember feeling as light as air even though I still had quite a few pounds to lose.
    as for nursing in public, I invested in quite a few nursing camis and wore those under sweaters or shirts (it was winter). This time around, I plan to stock up on even more of them and pair them with lightweight cardigans. Target has a lot of different colors available, and they are fairly flattering. Other than that, I suggest a lightweight blanket and the ability to not care much.

  4. yay for running! And I thought of you this weekend. We are still here but leave tomorrow but I did think of you often. Hope you're loving mommyhood!

  5. Yo. I haven't been preggo for a couple years, but i remember finding some great nursing shirts at Target and Motherhood Maternity. Give them another browse. You may find something. Target has some great nursing tanks too. Nursing bras and shirts really make the experience so much better. Belly bands really are a life saver. I still wear mine to layer or whatever. Keep looking. Don't give up!

  6. I am nursing a 10 month old (and did for my 1st as well) and I never felt comfortable hanging out. I find running bras with straps (Moving comfort's Fiona is my fav) are a good compromise. They open on one side and keep the other boob tucked in, and are large enough in the back to cover you a bit too. I also wear a lot of loose V-neck shirts. So I can pull the boob out of the v and keep everything else covered.

    Good luck!

  7. Remember I was there last year for the marathon? Think how different your life is now! Stoked you have that little bundle to take places with you!

  8. I'm not an expert in nursing, but here is a link to a young mom's adventure of nursing in public. The link is just for day one of what I think was a seven day series. The consecutive days are links at the bottom of the page.



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