Thursday, May 3, 2012

City Kid.

We had quite an eventful day and conquered a lot of firsts.  First time eating at a restaurant with a baby!  First time on the T in the baby carrier!  First time having Daddy use the baby carrier while out and about!  Each time we do a new thing out in public and, if it goes well, I start to think that this whole being a parent thing is actually going to work out.

So my in-laws are in town and we took them to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants.  Alice did great and slept in the carrier the entire time.  Here was the problem, though... We were heading into the city after lunch so she definitely needed to eat or I'd be facing a hungry meltdown on the T, which would be no bueno.  But this wasn't really the type of restaurant where I could bust out a boob and feed her at the table.  So I got creative and asked the bartender if I could bring a chair into the very nice and very big handicap stall in the bathroom and I fed her in there.  No big deal.  No one even came in to use the other stall while we were in there.  And my breast feeding in public confidence has been boosted.

Where is the strangest place you've had to breastfeed your baby?  I'm sure feeding her on a chair in the public bathroom is only the tip of the iceberg....

And I promise to blog about my hip and belly binding that I did post-pregnancy (thanks for the reminder, Mo!).  I'll take body measurements this weekend and get back to you.  It is working, I swear!


  1. Just felt magical and very interested to do everything first.Congratulation again she 's so cute and this's very cool experience ..... Baby is amaze things i sure !

  2. Girl, get out of the bathroom! You will get better at it and gain confidence. I fed him on a small airplane yesterday, in front of my father in law today.

    With a blanket over my shoulder, I think people see more in a low cut shirt!

  3. I think you can breast feed almost anywhere these days. Back in the "olden" days, it was still ok, just needed to be very discreet. When I was around my family, I could just use a small blanket and get you fed almost any time. Sometimes if you were out of control crying, you just have to "Get r done". xoxo


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