Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Nike. True dat.

While I was pregnant I would often think about all the fun workout stuff I just couldn't wait to do once I had Alice.  I know, nerd alert but I truly enjoy working out.  Sure.  There are days that I have no desire to do anything physically active because I am either too tired or my body just doesn't feel up to doing a workout.  So I listen to my body and take a day off.  But there are other days when being tired or feeling sore are not really the reasons I am trying to slack on a workout.  So, on those days, I try to remember why I work out.  I try to remember why I run.  And I remind myself that I will never regret going on a run or doing a workout.  But you know what I will regret?  I will regret sitting on the couch watching TV or futzing around on the internet instead of getting up and moving my body.  It is that simple.  For me, being physically active on most days of the week keeps me feeling centered and sane.  I crave those endorphins I get from a good heart-pumping workout.  So now that I am no longer pregnant and I am reaching that all signs point to go 6 week post-delivery mark I am ready to turn it up a notch.  I am ready to feel the burn.  And I am ready to get back into high intensity workouts.   

Since I know it will be difficult to get out of the house to do classes with a newborn I am planning on doing most of my working out in our apartment or at the playground near our place.  Nike Training Club.  Yoga.  Pure Barre DVDs.  Free weights.  TRX.  And then, of course, running.  Running is my therapy.  And I have been in therapy pretty consistently for the last 15 years.  And I plan on continuing this therapy for many years to come.  Please hold up, knees.  We need you!

How about you?  Do you crave the endorphins from working out?  I don't want to sound like a lunatic but honestly I feel almost a chemical change in my brain when I am working out consistently.  I feel more confident!  I feel less emotional!  I make better eating choices!  And when I am not working out consistently?  I am a hot mess.  I am all over the proverbial emotional map.  So that is why I chose to work out.

If YOU do not work out on a consistent basis, I challenge you to do so for two straight weeks.  Start slow and easy but move your body every day and see how you feel.  I guarantee you'll become addicted to those uplifting endorphins.  Plus your butt will look better in your jeans, too.  You can thank me later.      

Non-Garmin stats:  There will be no running today as it is a total downpour plus, I am trying to be smart by easing back into running and doing more cross-training so that I don't injure myself by doing too many miles too soon.  So today I will do NTC Sculpted Arms and Shoulder Ripper and, if Alice will tolerate the additional time, I'll add in some free weights.  Here's to hoping for a sore upper body tomorrow.  Nerd alert! 


  1. the only time i regret working out is when i am so tired by the time i work out that i can't do anything but sit on the couch and start back at square one ;)

  2. I always feel better after working out and you are so right, the only regret is staying on the couch. Thanks for the encouragement :)

  3. I am with you on this one! I feel 1,000 times better when I work out consistently. Even a 20-minute jog makes me feel amazing!

  4. Keep it up! Alice seems to enjoy the runs with you. You are looking great! xoxo

  5. I understand entirely! I get edgy and feel sluggish when I don't workout. I am 30 weeks pregnant, and still exercising almost daily, but dreading the time off I will have to take post partum. Already planning the "boot camps and other higher intensity workouts when I am cleared to get back at it. :-).

    BTW, still waiting to hear more about your belly band experience and recommendations.


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