Monday, April 30, 2012

One-handed Tasks.

The weekend has come and gone. Boo!  But another one will be here soon and with it will bring some visitors!  Another set of grandparents are coming to Boston to meet their newest granddaughter.  Alice is so excited.  We can't wait!

I think I have mastered the art of one-handed meal making.  Actually, I have mastered the art of one-handed a lot of stuff.  Laundry!  Emptying the dishwasher!  Putting away clothes!  Applying makeup!  I do put Alice in the baby carrier a lot while puttering around the house but oftentimes I'll be finishing something up right before her next meal and will just be carrying her on my hip.  This lovely salad is an example of a one-handed meal.  The carrots and cheese are roughly cut (yes, I still have all of my fingers).  The dressing was pre-made by my husband (recipe here, SO good).  And the egg was cooked in the microwave (no really, it was).  And it was delicious and so much better than the bowls of cereal or the frozen burritos I have been eating for lunch over the last few weeks.

Do you buy salad dressing or make your own?
  When I met my husband he had been making his own dressing for a few years and totally converted me from the bottled stuff.  It is so easy to do and then you don't have half-used bottles of oily dressing cluttering your fridge.  Try it, you'll like it!

Garmin stats: Still haven't busted my Garmin out but I did take note of the start/finish time of my run.  5 miles/approx 45 min = 9-ish min/miles!! I say ish because I had to stop and stretch my hip at one point and I also had to wait for two traffic lights.  So I bet I was averaging 8:45 min/miles?!  But it was a totally flat run around the reservoir so not too difficult or challenging... but I did pass a chick while pushing my stroller and I felt that competitive edge creeping back! I'm back, baby!!


  1. It is so good that you are exercising! The salad looks pretty good! I still do a lot of things using only one hand and my son is almost 2 now. You get use too it! I just love carrying him!!!

  2. yummy!

    we had dinner out the other evening (a first) and I ate an entire meal with my left hand while bouncing Nolan with my right, then I fed him at the table while I finished.

    My husband said "impressive". :)

    It's getting more difficult now, as he wants to reach for me food. Uh-oh!

  3. Wow, one handed cutting is tough. Looks like you have figured it out. I tried to use the football carry with you to get meals ready, but I was not very good at the one handed cutting.

    To free up both hands, I tried to use a baby carrier with you, it was designed to have you (baby) face against me. You didn't like being in it or enjoy it at all. You seemed to be the most happy when you were facing outward, toward the world "Head On" looking at new and exciting things.

    You haven't changed... you still like to be facing the world, head on, looking for new and exciting things. Love you. xo Mom


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