Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I see you.

Alice, what are you thinking?

When Alice is looking at me like this, I often wonder what is going on in that little head of hers.  I imagine what she is thinking about.  All those brand new baby neurons growing and making connections, laying down networks of information about how this world works.  She oftentimes will stop all of her wiggling and gurgling for a few seconds and will look me right in the eyes... studying my face... gazing at my freckles... staring at the huge zit on my chin.  And in her brain I imagine an imprint of This is Mommy is being made.  And it makes my heart soar that I am that person for her.  I love this little girl so much.  And every day I love her more.      

Non-Garmin stats:  I haven't done my workout yet for the day but I am planning on busting out my new Pure Barre DVD that I 1-Clicked from Amazon on Sunday and by the miracle that is FedEx arrived yesterday.  A full review to follow.    


  1. wow. being a mommy sounds amazing...falling in love more everyday!! how exciting! i can't wait til i have a little rugrat of my own!

  2. Yes it's wonderful being a mother. Just watching a baby sleep is pure heaven. Watching them learn new things, everything is NEW to them. She does know her mommy, your voice, how you hold her, your smell, she is learning everything from you! Little Alice is so precious. Cherish every moment. xo


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