Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cookie Bribery.

Is anyone else itching for spring?  I remember last year just waiting and waiting and waiting for spring to arrive.  And when it did, I was not disappointed.  Boston in spring is absolutely gorgeous.  The blooming trees, the sprouting bulbs, the warmth in the air... it was just what I needed after a winter like we had last year.  And this year?  I have no room to complain.  It has been straight-up balmy compared to last winter.  Like today will be about 52 degrees (but cloudy).  I don't care, though.  I am still ready for winter to be over.

Today I am going to visit a friend who recently had a baby.  I am going to talk her ear off, asking all the questions that are swirling through my brain, which will hopefully alleviate some of my nervousness about all-things baby (and, let's be honest, all-things labor).  

But first, I'll make these cookies.  Homemade baked goods make people want to talk about super personal things, right?  Right.

**I entered this photo into a photography contest.  Check out Alicia's website and her beautiful photos!**


  1. Love that first shot! Thanks so much for joining us in the Poetic Winter Photo Challenge. I hope you remembered to grab the free texture over at my place! Next week's theme will be Warmth. Have a great weekend. :)

  2. These are both gorgeous. I am not sure what to do with myself here in the south... the temps are always so balmy. lol. But I'm loving it and trying my best to capture my new environment here. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Thanks so much for participating in the challenge! So fun to see so many beautiful interpretations of solitude!


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