Thursday, February 2, 2012


I feel like I just got ambushed, baby shower-style.  So remember how I went to a friend's house yesterday to visit her and her new baby?  Well, another friend came, too, and, when we got there, she had a cake and food and presents for me and my wee-one!  Like a mini-baby shower!  These girls both know I don't have many friends and have absolutely no family here in Boston so they decided to surprise me with a little baby shower, all my own.

One of the girls picked me up because she (imagine a thick Boston accent)  "didn't want me driving on the Boston freeways at 8 and a half months pregnant."  As we were driving, I looked in her backseat and saw a few presents.  I mentioned how nice that was of her to bring a gift for our friend and then I laid into her for making me look bad because I didn't bring anything (we'd both been to her baby shower just a month ago).  She laughed and said it was just something small for our 'new mom' friend.  Little did I know they had conspired and gotten a few gifts for me.

I was overjoyed.  And I may have teared up a little.  It was so thoughtful.  So unexpected.  So sweet.  Thank you both so much.



  1. What sweet and thoughtful friends! With friends, I'll take quality over quantity any day :)

  2. So cute! Talk about amazing friends :) Looks like your girlie bump is going to have some amazing aunties.

  3. what a nice surprise!

    btw, "sophie" is a hit with babies. i only know this because all of my friends' babies adore that giraffe!

  4. I've seen that giraffe around. Must be popular!

  5. Sofie has attained cult status I am told. I must get one!

    How sweet of your friend. I didn't have a baby shower due to distance, either. I wanted cake more than gifts ;)

  6. What a lovely surprise! Sophie is a hit with babies in Australia too, your baby will love her :)


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