Monday, January 23, 2012

Mind Games.

I am starting to freak out a little bit.  Okay.  Maybe a lot.  But it's all internal freaking out at this point.  My mind racing with all sorts of thoughts.

Can I do this?  Am I ready?  Are WE ready?  What will it be like?  How will labor be?  When will she arrive?  Can I handle the pain? (epidural? yes, please!)  Will she be healthy?  Who will she look like?  How quickly will I recover?  The questions are endless.  The thinking is constant.   

But there is also a ridiculous amount of excitement.  I am ready for her to be in our lives.  Ready to begin the journey of motherhood.  And for my husband to become a father.  You see, I am generally not a very patient person when it comes to waiting for something I am excited about.  So the prospect of 7 more weeks of waiting is akin to torture for me.  People tell me that being pregnant is much easier than caring for a newborn.  I am sure they are right.  But that still doesn't make me any less excited or anxious or nervous or curious for the adventure to begin.

Seven.  More.  Weeks.  We're nearing the homestretch.  I hope it goes quickly.


  1. Your blog is so cute (and so are you)! It's so much fun for me to read about first-time parenthood. I remember worrying/wondering about the exact same things. You are ready AND no one is ever ready... does that make sense?

    Good luck! I wish you the very best!

  2. Oh!!! What a very exciting time! Your little one will be here before you know it and everything will be amazing.

    xo chanel

  3. I am so excited for you. The last few weeks just
    Draaaaag. Just prepare to go overdue and hopefully
    She will surprise you and come on time. Everything
    Will be ok! The anticipation is the hardest part. And I
    Won't tell you to sleep now, I hated when people
    Said that to me.


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