Sunday, January 30, 2011

You do it to yourself... You do.

(At the top of these stairs, my challenge began...)

I feel muuuuuch better today.  Other than our afternoon run yesterday, Lee and I spent much of our Saturday on the couch.  Everybody needs a day like that once in a while, though.  So today it was GO TIME!  We both had planned to do an endurance workout so Lee jumped on the bike trainer for a long ride and I headed out the door for a long run.  Today's run was great.  It is still a snowy, slushy mess out there but, guess what?  I didn't care.  I tromped straight thru those damn slush puddles... I figured it was better to plan on getting my feet wet than to be surprised and pissed when my feet accidentally went ankle-deep into that sludge-y mess.  My run was much more enjoyable after that.

You know those days when you just feel soooo gooooood on your run... and you feel fast... and you feel strong... today was definitely one of those days.  After coming up the stairs pictured above, I saw a girl running in front of me and I knew I could pass her.  She was going at a pretty good clip but I was feeling good so I went for it.  She was definitely pissed when I passed her (I could tell because she barely gave me any room to run by)... but then the dilemma began.  Do I keep up this sort-of out-of-my-comfort-zone pace so that she doesn't pass me?  Or do I slow down a bit and swallow my pride and potentially have her pass me.  Um, hi.  If you're new to my blog, maybe you haven't read the post where I GOT COMPETITIVE WITH A TRAIN and raced it down Comm Ave and won (sort of).  So, of course, I kept up my 7:15 min/mile pace so that this chick wouldn't pass me.  I had headphones on so I had no idea if she was right behind me or waaaay back... and of course I couldn't turn my head to look because that would've clued her in on what I was doing (YOU MUSTN'T SHOW WEAKNESS IN THESE SITUATIONS!).  I kept it up, all the while watching my miles per minute get faster and faster and my heart rate getting higher and higher... when I got to the bridge where I cross the Charles River to head home, I glanced over my shoulder and THERE SHE WAS about 50 yards back.  She continued going straight along the river and I headed over the bridge, glad to have a bit of reprieve on the pace. 

You are fast, girl in the pink shirt!  Let's do that again next week... same time, same place. 

(I guess this guy plans on driving his car again in, oh you know, MAY!)

Garmin stats: 11 miles/1hour 28 minutes. An averaged 8 min/mile pace... but there were a few miles there that were muuuuuch faster than that. I'm competitive. What can I say?


  1. OMG! Way to go! Yes, I would say you are a tad competitive which totally awesome! And incredibly fast. Those days are done for me!

    I think the girl in the pink shirt should be thanking you! You gave her the incentive to keep up with you!

  2. Haha! That's so funny. How fun is that! I wish I could get that competitive. I would be the girl that sees you coming and moves out of your way. :)

  3. Girl, you are my favorite!! I TOTALLY COMPETE WITH STRANGERS!!! Awesome run so speedy!!! You are brave to run in that weather. Um, are you being serious about me coming to stay with you?!?! I think we would have an amazing time!!


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