Friday, February 25, 2011

Fun Foto Friday.

Minimal words.  Mostly photos (or 'fotos' in Spanish to make an always fun alliteration).  Welcome wonderful weekend!

(Paper Source. A crafty person's heaven. And unique greeting cards.)

(Enjoying a latte and InStyle on this cold & rainy day.)

(Rain is better than snow... that's for sure.)

(Ummmmm. Yeah. Believe it or not, I didn't buy ANYTHING from this aisle. No really. I didn't.)

(Post 'hot yoga' and still glistening. Or is it from the rain?)

(My boots absolutely brightened my day. I sought out the puddles today.)

(Getting back to my vegetarian roots with tofu lasagna. Review to follow.)

Do you take tons of photos with your cell phone?  Seriously.  What did we do before cell phones with built-in cameras??  I bet I take at least two cell phone photos a day.  And I hear the new CrackBerry has a 5 megapixel camera on it!  That's ridic!  

Do you run/bike/work out in the rain?  If it's not a downpour like it was today, then yes... I do.  All this rain put a hamper on my plans to run.  But that's okay.  I jumped on the bike trainer and then sweated it out at hot yoga. 


  1. Love those boots! Hunter's? What a great color!

  2. I have no problem running in the rain...when it is warmer.

    On Sunday I have a 5K race... in the snow. That will be my first ever. Blech!


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