Saturday, February 12, 2011


This is how I made it through my day............... (I'm averaging half-a-dozen of these babies a week.)

(It's like a stash of crack or some other SUPER ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCE!)

(Doesn't everyone make hearts out of their candy wrappers? And then take pictures?)

(With a Cadbury egg in my belly, suddenly the day seems manageable.)

And this is what I came home to..................
(After-work and pre-dinner snack!)

 (Homemade pizza. Yes, he made the dough. Yes, it is drizzled in olive oil + fresh lemon juice. No, you can't have him.  He's all mine.)

I feel so lucky and loved and happy and full of pizza!  I'm ready to seize the day again tomorrow and eat more Cadbury eggs!

Does your husband/boyfriend/significant other/friend-with-benefits cook?  I am so lucky that Lee loves to cook.  Seriously.  And he's really good at it, too.

Does your main squeeze have a specialty dish?  Lee makes a mean steak.  And awesome salads.  Oh, and sushi.  One of the many, many, many reasons I married him.   


  1. my husband is the cook in the family. good thing too, because i burn toast. he makes a mean chicken dish.

    that pizza looks amazing!

  2. I think I need a boyfriend who cooks too lol. Specially sushi! <333333
    I'm soo addicted to good foods... I think I could never date a guy who just eats crap d:

  3. When's Easter? It's not until April 24th! You have enough time to stock up, stash and freeze those Cadbury Creme Eggs for a year round supply!


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