Thursday, February 24, 2011

Part of the family.

 (The frozen wheat fields of Canada.)

Now that I am done with my three-nightshifts-in-a-row and I have a second to myself, I wanted to blog a quick 'shout out' to my amazing in-laws for such a wonderful weekend in spite of the sad reason for our last-minute trip.  Lee's uncle passed away and we flew way up North to attend his funeral and to reconnect with some seriously awesome people.  Seriously.  I lucked out with this family.  I've heard horror stories (and seen a lot of Rom-Coms) of in-laws-gone-bad... most specifically mothers-in-law.... but THANK GOD that has not been my experience.  Lee's family has been welcoming from the get-go and I couldn't be more thankful for that.  I absolutely love staying with his parents and visiting with his family and drinking 'beer & clam' and eating my mother-in-law's amazing baked goods/dinner/everything and enjoying their way of life.  Lee and I had long talks about just how far away we live from both of our families... and we don't like that... but this living 'way-over-on-the-East-coast' thing isn't forever and luckily plane travel makes it possible for us to see our families a few times a year which will suffice.... for now.

 (From warmer days... the barn and field at Lee's parents house.)

Thank you to all of my in-laws for making me feel like a part of the family.  I can't wait to see all of you again.

On a side note... I'm sore from my measly 6 mile run yesterday!  Weird!  It must be the super-duper fast pace I kept or something... it couldn't be that I hadn't been on a run in over a week

Do you have awesome in-laws or only tolerable ones?  No terrible in-law stories here.  I love the family I married in to.  They are amazing.  Someday I hope to become a Canadian so I can be even more like them!


  1. I have amazing in-laws. I lucked out too.

    Beautiful picture!

  2. I love that barn pic. Amazing. As for becoming Canadian, do it quick and move there before you conceive. They get ONE YEAR maternity leave. Awesome.

  3. beautiful photos. I want to go (in the summer, please!)


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