Thursday, April 9, 2015


Feeding the ducks! March 22nd, 2015.

Dear Love Bug,

You are now three years old! And what a big girl you are becoming. Your birthday was very special this year with many family members traveling from afar to celebrate your big day with you. Tia Amanda came all the way from Sri Lanka and she brought you the most beautiful presents from her world travels. You loved wearing your traditional Indian pants with elephants on them while jangling your wrists with the brightly colored, toddler-sized bracelets so that you could look just like your Tia. Grandpa Glen and Coco drove all the way from California, bringing you your own batch of freshly baked brownies and a new princess LEGO set.

We had your third birthday party at one of your favorite places, the Tracy Aviary. Daddy made your birthday invitations and did all the planning and we were both shocked when 14 kids and over 20 adults RSVP'd yes to your party! It was a beautifully warm spring morning and we enjoyed mini frittatas, almond butter and honey sandwiches, fruit, juice boxes, and coffee. And your dad was so smart and brought along a large bottle of Bailey's.

Those 20 adults were very pleased with Daddy's decision to bring booze along.

The Aviary staff brought out two very friendly ducks named Salt and Pepper and you and your friends got to feed them duck food right out of your hands! At first you were a bit nervous as they waddled around and pecked at the food but as soon as you saw them come your way you were excited to join in and feed them, too. After that the staff took everyone to the duck pond where you toddlers threw fistfuls of duck food into the pond.

I'm sure those ducks and geese loved the arrival of the 14 squealing kids.

Leading up to your third birthday we had talked to you about getting rid of your beloved "pa." We told you what a big girl you are becoming and how it was time to send your pacifiers to another baby who needs them. So a few days after your birthday, you and Daddy packed up all your "pa's" in a box, taped it up , walked to the post office and shipped it off to another baby.

And you've been giving us hell at bedtime ever since we shipped your pacifiers away.

But we know you will get over your pacifiers eventually much like you got over refusing to poop in the toilet for almost six months. Your daddy and I were at our wits end on many occasions as you squirmed around doing the "poop dance" all while insisting you were just doing a "regular dance" despite all of us knowing you needed to just sit on the toilet do your business.

You've certainly kept us on our toes lately, my love.

You love school and we will soon be sending you five mornings a week! You love to dress up in your sparkly tutu, put on your "dancing shoes" and prance around our loft dancing to music! You love to play doctor and nurse with your stuffed animals, giving them "shots" and making them take "medicine" so that they don't "make vomit." Grayson is still your very best friend and you ask almost daily if we can play with him. You are throwing less frequent tantrums but when they do occur, they are enormous and involve kicking and screaming and crying and hitting (daddy and I sure hope those end soon!). You love sleeping in your big girl bed although you still flop out of your bed in the middle of the night most days of the week.

Alice Glen, we love you so much.


Mama & Daddy

Third birthday @ the Tracy Aviary.


  1. What a wonderful birthday party for a 3 year old. Lots of animals and kids equals... crazy fun! You have created lasting memories for all of you. The pictures of Alice and her friends are priceless. I love their expressions of delight and happiness. xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday, Alice!

    I have a 3 year old (3.5 next month) that is still in diapers, so I hear ya ;)

  3. Happy Birthday Alice!
    Sounds like you all had a lovely day x


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