Thursday, July 10, 2014


Publik Coffee. 975 S. West Temple, SLC.

Currently... loving Publik Coffee, a new coffee house that recently opened here in Salt Lake City. They completely gutted an old warehouse not far from downtown and built it into this hip space with a loft-like feel (no wonder I love it).

Currently... completely derailed on my second attempt at a Whole30. After the sour cherry pie incident last weekend, I've felt ambivalent about finishing these last seven days within the W30 guidelines. And then there was that BBQ we went to last night with the strawberry shortcake with cinnamon whipped cream. Ya. I had to have some.

Currently... despite my derailment, my breakfast, lunch and dinner today were all W30-approved. I really do enjoy eating this way! But with the occasional beer and dessert thrown in there, too.

Currently... excited that the 8-years vacant restaurant directly across the street from our loft will have a new tenant this fall. Finca, a tapas and cocktail bar, is moving in this October! I can't wait to be a part of the welcoming committee (thanks for keeping me in the loop, Caroline!).

Currently... obsessed with coconut cream in my morning cold-brewed coffee. So rich. So creamy!

Currently... feeling exhausted with my daily grind. Keeping a house clean and three people fed and a toddler entertained leaves so little time for extras like blogging and reading and such. Come fall time, though, change is a comin'.

Currently... loving these delicate initial necklaces from Sticks and Stones NY on Etsy (the ampersand is my favorite!).

And currently... sitting on my balcony listening to Ms Lauryn Hill serenade a few thousand people at the Twilight Concert Series just a block away. If only I were 10 years younger and didn't have to be up for CrossFit at 5:37AM....

What are you currently doing?


  1. I laughed out loud at your comment about the Lauryn Hill concert. I have to admit, I've been there, too. Having lived in an a mixed-use apartment in downtown San Diego, I can also relate to your comments about hip new coffee shops and vacant restaurants finally getting tenants. Although we don't live in the city anymore, I'm still a city girl at heart, and hope that one day - post child - I will return to city living.

  2. I finally tried Publik last weekend and I was immediately in love! I loved the d├ęcor, the toast and the coffee wasn't bad. I'll definitely be going back! Coffee date soon?

    Is Finca opening a second location or are they leaving their current spot?


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