Friday, July 11, 2014

Too comfortable.

Eating a pizzelle the size of her head. Carlucci's bakery, SLC.

I've gotten a little too comfortable with Alice spending either her Saturday or Sunday with Grandma Julie and Zayde Aharon because THEY AREN'T AVAILABLE TO WATCH HER AT ALL THIS WEEKEND!

Don't get me wrong. I love my kid. But I also love having an entire day without her where I can eat and clean and pee and run and shower without my trusty (and chatterbox) little sidekick. And it's also nice to miss her a little bit.

Do I sound a little burned out with my gig as a stay-at-home-mom?!

Anyway. Hooray! It's the weekend. We don't have much planned other than I am getting away for ladies' Bunco night tonight and hopefully I'll do a trail run at some point. And I'll be spending a lot of time working on potty training that crazy little pizzelle-eating nut.

Wish me luck.

What are your weekend plans?

Weekly Workouts: Monday - OMG. I was so sore from my trail run so... Rest day! Tuesday - Run! 4ish miles, downtown to Liberty Park and back (we went for a play date). Wednesday - CrossFit! WOD: 5 RFT of 5 burpees + 10 box jumps + 200m sprint (1:1 rest between rounds) = my fastest round 1:26, slowest found 1:30. Thursday - CrossFit! 30 back squats at 70% (83lbs) w/ 30 sec L-sit for every re-rack. WOD: 25 min AMRAP with a partner - 400m run with 20lbs ball (each run 200m) + 50 wall balls (14lbs, switch after every 5) + 50 ab mat sit-ups with 14lbs ball (we did 3 rounds + a run). Friday - CrossFit! 3RM bench press (95lbs). WOD: 4 x 4 min AMRAP of 9 hand release push-ups + 7 pull-ups (blue band) + 5 dips (red band) with 90 sec rest between rounds (237 reps).


  1. Hehehe. Not the size of her head, just her face!! I understand how you feel about getting burned out being at home with your kids and I only spent 1 year x 2 at home on Canadian mat leave, and am about to do a third. I loved being home with them but it is exhausting! Don't feel bad and enjoy your time off when you can get it. That is after all what grandmas are for!

  2. Yeah, we are back home. We missed you 3, especially getting to be with Alice. She makes me so happy! Very cute picture of her eating. It looks like a large waffle. xoxo


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