Monday, June 16, 2014


Scenes from the Downtown SLC Farmers' Market.

I started another Whole30 yesterday. Having slipped back into a few bad habits after finishing my first one and then, after a week in Napa, where I ate and drank everything in sight, I needed to hit the reset button. And since moderation doesn't seem to be in my vocabulary, a reset for me has to be all-in. So here goes another thirty days of no sugar, no grains, no dairy, no legumes and... yep, no alcohol.

Don't worry. I drank at least a month's worth of alcohol while we were in Napa.

On Saturday we walked over to the park for the first farmers' market of the season to buy our produce for the week. Even at market opening, it was jam-packed with people and, as annoying as I find it when trying to buy my vegetables among the meander-ers, it also makes my heart swell to see that these farmers are (hopefully) making a living selling their crop and that the people of this city understand the importance of buying locally grown food.

After the market on Saturday, I snuck out for a quick mountain bike ride by myself. Then on Sunday Alice went to Grandma Julie's for the day so that Lee and I could go for a trail run. The trails are so beautiful this time of year with lush green grass and fields of colorful wild flowers that every time I get out there I wonder why I don't do it more often.

My mom and step-dad came over on Sunday afternoon for a Father's Day dinner of a Whole30-approved brined fryer chicken cooked on the barbecue, served with grilled broccoli and sweet potatoes (of course I took photos). They had strawberry ice cream for dessert (day one willpower is easy... I had a club soda with lime). My parents left. Alice went to bed. We watched an episode of Orange... and then we went to bed.

Only to be awoken at 2AM by the sounds of retching coming from Alice's crib.

Poor kid. She seems to have some sort of bug and, after emptying the contents of her stomach, a 2AM shower, a change of sheets and some snuggles on the couch this morning while watching Daniel Tiger, she seems to be feeling a bit better.

That's two weeks in a row now of Alice "making" vomit! Let's not make it a trend, kid.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Workouts: Friday - CrossFit! 5RM push press (90lbs). WOD: 3RFT of - 10 power cleans + 8 push press (65lbs for both) + 10 pull-ups (goddamn blue band) + 8 HSPUs (1 ab mat). Saturday - Mtn bike ride! 9.6 miles/1:10/1,374 ft elev gain. Sunday - Trail run! 5.1 miles/57 min/1,228 ft elev gain.

Scenes from our trail run to Little Black Mountain.


  1. What a great weekend.... except for Alice getting sick. Thanks for letting us keep her on Sunday and also for inviting us to your Father's Day feast. We loved sharing the 'Whole30" dinner. It was delicious. xo

    PS: I love your pictures of our beautiful state!

  2. I am so jealous of your trail running pictures!!! They are gorgeous. I wish I had trails around my home that I can access easily, most of them are a car ride away.


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