Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 29.

Frittata w/ avocado & Cholula // Bolognese over sautéed butternut squash // Kale salad with grilled acorn squash, avocado and almonds // Over-medium eggs & sweet potato hash w/ creamy avocado & tomatillo sauce.

Today is day twenty-nine which means tomorrow is the last day of my Whole30. Now that these thirty days are almost over, I feel a bit uncertain about what I am going to do on Thursday, day thirty-one. I feel nervous about taking what I've learned over the last month and applying it in the face of no dietary restrictions. I don't imagine that I'll immediately go hog-wild (although I have fantasized about going straight to Crown Burger for a bacon cheeseburger and onion rings with fry sauce) but I am nervous that, over time, I will slowly fall back into my old ways of eating.

So I've decided to write a letter to myself to remind me how awesome I feel today after twenty-nine days of whole-foods eating.

Dear me,

Wow. I am so proud that I've made it these last thirty days without eating any sugar or processed foods or grains or legumes or dairy OR ALCOHOL. It certainly wasn't easy, especially on that first Friday night without a beer or hosting that Bunco party with bowls full of Cadbury mini-eggs at my fingertips. But I am so happy that I stuck with it and had no cheats or slips or licks of spoons or anything not Whole30-approved.

For thirty days!!!

I am writing this as a reminder to myself of how empowered I feel at this very moment, how clear I feel in regards to my relationship with food. I have learned so much over the last month about why I eat and drink the way that I do when faced with boredom or frustration or sadness or even happiness. I've learned that what I put in my body directly effects my energy levels, my ability to sleep soundly and my overall mood. I've found willpower I didn't think I had! So don't fall entirely off the wagon! Take baby steps as the safety of the Whole30 guidelines slip away.

Oh. And if those pants ever start feeling a little tight, just remember how wonderfully they fit back on day thirty.

Love, me.

I DID IT!! And I feel amazing. Have I inspired you to do your own Whole30? Stay tuned... I'll weigh myself on Thursday and then will post my pre- and post-Whole30 weights later in the week.

Breakfast sausage w/ cauliflower 'rice' scramble //Two eggs over easy w/red pepper & spinach sautée // Utah trout with grilled carrots & spinach salad // BBQ-roasted chicken w/ grilled sweet potatoes & lemony arugula salad // Scrambled eggs w/ sweet potato medallions & that creamy avocado & tomatillo sauce again.

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  1. I am loving all your food photos lately! Such gorgeous light - and awesome-looking meals! Great job making it this far - it's been really fun reading along with your progress!


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