Monday, June 9, 2014


"I'm on a boat!" // The Imola Bridge. // View of Main St from The Thomas.

Every time we visit my dad in California, I wonder why we don't pack up and move here. But then I remember the sky-high taxes and the increased cost of living and I remember why we chose to live in our cozy downtown loft in Salt Lake City instead.

Nurses certainly make more money here in Northern California than they do in Utah, though. Like double! But I digress.

Our weekend was spent outside as the weather was nearly perfect on both days. My dad and step-mom live on the Napa river and have a dock in their backyard with a little electric boat that they use for cruising up and down the tidal river that empties into the San Francisco Bay. On Saturday, we took the boat to downtown Napa to the public docks and then went for brunch at The Thomas. Alice wasn't so sure about us making her wear a life jacket but, after she realized we were going for a boat ride on the river and she saw how close we'd get to the birds, she stopped fussing and enjoyed the ride.

Alice loved those horses!

Later that day we went to a pig roast at my parent's friend's house (who also happens to own the candy company Jelly Belly). There were horses for the kids, an open bar for the adults, and a live country band for dancing. We stayed way past Alice's bedtime and as we were driving home, just before we arrived back at my dad's, she cried, "Mama! I hurt right here!" and pointed at her throat.

Then she puked.

She was sick from either her dinner of jelly beans and cookies or from the winding roads we took to get home but after she calmed down, she proudly said, "I made vomit, Mama!"

You certainly did, kid.

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - TRX in the park! Sunday - Rest day.

My dad's grilled dinner masterpiece. // Sunday evening fun on the patio.


  1. Yeah! A future sailor. Looks like you '3' are having a great time on your vacation. Great pictures of Alice playing with the ponies and horse. You should have another adventure and take a road trip to visit Aunt Jan and see their horses. They had a new colt born this spring. I think they have at least a dozen now. xoxo

  2. Hahahaha, "I made vomit, Mama!" - the daugher of a nurse, for sure. <3


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