Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More Food.

Sugar-free sausages w/ grilled veggies (that's a turnip!) w/ tomato basil salad & cauliflower mash // Grilled chicken with veggies & homemade mayo // Avocado, arugula & spinach salad w/ salsa & leftover cauliflower mash // Lamb sausage w/ grilled veggies. // Leftovers! Piled up high on a bed of greens.

Here I go again with more food photos. Bear with me. This time around, on my second Whole30, thinking up meal ideas seems a bit easier. When I did this the first time, the first week was tough as I navigated through what I could and could not eat. Suddenly my go-to snack of cheese and crackers or my easy meal option of a grilled cheese sandwich were gone! And I realized that planning ahead was essential for me to be successful at completing those 30 days cheat-free.

I wouldn't say that my eating has entirely reverted to my pre-Whole30 days but it's come pretty close. Weekly trips to Tuile bakery for morning buns and nightly beers and/or cocktails were becoming a bit too frequent and it showed in my energy levels and how my clothes fit. My nightly bloated belly had returned! And that was motivation enough for me to do this all over again.

So on day three of my 30 days, I feel better than I did the last time I did this. I've had a few headaches but, instead of waking up with one like I did before, I've been getting them in the evening, which I'm blaming on the booze. And I feel irritable and cranky and short-tempered. Just ask Lee.

But this, too, shall pass. And I know that the coveted tiger's blood and my flat belly are patiently waiting for me just around the corner.

P.S., My experiences on day 3 and then day 29 during my first Whole30.

Leftover grilled chicken w/ creamy cauliflower 'rice.' This was SO GOOD. Recipe to follow later this week.

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  1. Your food pictures look delicious. Keep up the good work with your Whole30 program!


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