Thursday, March 13, 2014


Alice enjoying the reflection of the sunset on downtown SLC.

It's day 31! I survived my Whole30 and today, I've added just a small amount of non-Whole30 approved foods to my breakfast and lunch. On the recommendation of the people who created this program, I am adding one food group at a time over a period of days so that I can determine how each one makes me feel after not having had them for thirty days. So the science experiment continues!

I guess my idea of going hog-wild and eating Crown Burger first thing was definitely out of the question.

The first food group they recommend adding back in is dairy so, this morning, I used butter instead of ghee to sautée my vegetables. And I served those vegetables with a few slices of bacon! Oh, how I missed bacon (I never did find a bacon that didn't have added sugar).

And there will definitely be a cheese snack later in my day.

I didn't just do the Whole30 to lose weight. In fact, it was pretty darn low on the reasons I was doing it to begin with. But I will admit!! I was pretty happy when I stepped on the scale this morning and saw that I'd lost weight all while eating good-tasting and healthy foods. So here they are... My results from my first Whole30:

  • Pre-Whole30: 162.2 lbs. Post-Whole30: 156.4 lbs (I lost 5.8 lbs... I'm just shy of 5'9").
  • I have more energy. I'm sleeping better. My skin looks more radiant. And I swear my eyelashes have gotten longer.

The one thing my Whole30 definitely did not touch? I'm still wicked impatient. I guess a change in diet can't change a trait in personality.

P.S. You can read about my post-baby weight loss journey here, here, and here.

My almost-two-year old!! March 2014.


  1. Congratulations on finishing the entire Whole30! For someone who is impatient, that is a huge feat to stick to this diet for a whole 31 days. Do you think you're going to continue eating (to some degree) by the Whole30 guidelines?

    1. You know, I do think I'll continue eating pretty much this way as I feel too good to stop entirely. I imagine I'll add the occasional sweet and of course a beer or a glass of wine or a cocktail in the mix but I doubt I'll start eating pasta or bread or the like with any regularity. Only time will tell, though! XO.

  2. Congratulations! I wish I had the guts to do this ;)

  3. Fantastic. You have such will power to stick with the Whole30 program. You look great. xo

  4. Congratulations on finishing!! And hey, I can't believe bacon has sugar on it?! Am definitely checking the packet next time I'm in the supermarket.


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