Friday, March 28, 2014

Chicks & Bunnies.

Alice & the spring babies.

Alice and I are always looking for new and interesting things to fill up our day. Since we live in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, there is a ton of stuff to do just outside our front door. City parks, Children's Museum, Dino Land, just to name a few. But sometimes even all of that gets boring.

Okay. It mostly just gets boring for me.

Earlier in the week my Mom suggested that I take Alice to the IFA Co-Op to see the chicks and bunnies they have for sale during this time of year. In need of a change of scenery from our local city hang-outs, Alice and I drove a few miles out to the suburbs early this morning and spent over an hour looking at, talking about, and even petting the baby animals.

Some of them were so small that their little bodies fit through the gap of their feeding troughs and, a few times, I looked down to see a tiny chick or a fluffy duck right at my feet. Surprisingly they weren't afraid of a towering mom and her squealing toddler and they practically ran into the palm of my hand. Alice was very good at gently petting their heads and then would become very concerned about them getting back into their proper cage, saying, "Mama! Put him back in!"

It's a good thing we don't have a yard or I'd have a lot of explaining to do to Lee as I'd definitely be tempted to bring home a box full of those adorably fluffy and chirpy little things.

Happy weekend! What are your plans? A baby shower on Saturday and a trail run on Sunday. And then a whole lot of House of Cards (we just started watching and we LOVE it!).

Weekly Workouts: Monday - After that grueling trail run on Sunday, rest day! Tuesday - Finally back to CrossFit: Skill - Rope climbs. Strength - 1 RM strict shoulder press (90lbs). WOD: 5 RFT of: 2 rope climbs + 5 squat cleans (65lbs) + 10 push-ups with a 2-min rest between sets. Wednesday - CrossFit! Skill: Bar muscle-ups (ha!). Strength: 1 RM snatch (75lbs... going light this week). WOD: 3 RFT of: 200m sprint + 3 bar muscle-ups (or 6 chest-to-bars... red band) + 10 kettle bell snatches (26lbs). Thursday - Family run! 5.1 miles/46 minutes. Friday - CrossFit! Skill: Butterfly pull-ups. Strength - 5RM back squat (hip flexor is a teensy bit tender so I went light 85lbs). WOD: CrossFit Games 14.5 (19:28 @ 55lbs).

Alice insisted on introducing her stuffed bunny to the real one.


  1. That looks like a lot of fun!

  2. So glad you took Alice to see the chicks and bunnies. She will have such great stories to tell her Daddy and friend G. xoxo, Grandma

  3. House of Cards is awesome! You'll end up watching way more than you plan to!

  4. You guys should definitely check out Wheeler Farm. I know it's a bit out of your way but you could spend a few good hours walking around (there are a ton of trails on the property)or enjoying a picnic lunch. I know some of the mama animals have recently had babies. Liberty park is another great place especially with the Tracy aviary.


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