Monday, February 17, 2014


Friday night sunset from our kitchen window! And my mock-tail.

So far, the hardest part of my Whole30 was Friday night at 5PM. I know how this is going to sound but I am pretty sure that every Friday night for the last twenty-two-and-a-half months, or since Alice was born, I've had some sort of adult beverage. Like one, maybe two.

As 5PM approached, I felt short-tempered and cranky. And at one point I even asked myself why in the hell was I even doing this crazy Whole30 in the first place?!

So I made myself a mock-tail with club soda, coconut water and a squeeze of lime and I waited patiently for my craving for a drink to pass. And it did! By 7PM I was happy that I fought the urge to give up, all for a silly beer.

Today is day seven. Only three more weeks to go (that still sounds like a really long time).


The Shoreline Trail & the Wasatch Mtns. // Alice kept saying, "Big truuuuck!"

Saturday morning, I went for a long run and even managed to do a few miles on a trail not far from our downtown home. Usually this time of year, the trails are still covered in snow but with the rain we've recently had, the snow was gone and it was warm enough to do most of my run in short sleeves.

And just those few miles on a trail got me so excited for my upcoming 50K.

Later that day we rented a U-haul pick-up truck, strapped Alice into her car seat, and the three of us headed out to pick up our new table. While we were there, we also decided on chairs and stools, although the final number we plan to use in our small dining area is still up for debate (4 chairs, 2 stools? Or 2 chairs, 4 stools?). And then on Sunday, Lee put the table together, set up the chairs and stools and hung up my photo wall.

And ladies and gentlemen, we now have a dining room! More pictures to come later in the week.

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - Run! 11 miles/1:46/1,128 ft elevation gain. Sunday - Rest day! And a date by myself to the ballet. But more on that later.



  1. Your photos are so beautiful! That's why I keep coming back! How did you get your mocktail to get lit up like that with the dark background below? Too cool.

    I think your mocktail was incredibly inventive and such a great idea to get you through your Friday. I may have to give it a try!

    1. You know, honestly it was just luck getting the lighting right on that mock-tail photo. And a little editing in Snapseed (my favorite iPad photo editing app). I'm glad you like my photos! And keep coming back, please! XO.

  2. I like your mocktail too. It looks delicious. I think your new table is the perfect size for your space.

  3. I so wish I was better at patiently waiting for cravings to pass! That mock-tail does sound pretty awesome. I love that dining room table & your chair setup so much. We have an awkward dining setup ourselves and having the table against the wall and using stools as extra seating while saving space is such a great idea!


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