Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Platonic Love.

 "Wait! They're watching us!" Valentines Day 2013.

And, for all two of you still wondering, our washing machine is back in action.  Peephole-installer-guy came yesterday and saved the day by swapping it out with a new one.  Good thing, too, as Alice was starting to feel a bit gypped that her trips out of our apartment were being spent going to and from the laundromat! 


  1. Cute baby pals. And your story about the washer makes me miss living in an appartment complex, I remember once getting a slightly temperamental fridge completely replaced and it was like Christmas. Have to love the switch out!

  2. Best washing machine repair story ever? My girlfriend paid $100 for a repair man to come to their house and peal a little mermaid sticker off the ring, that was stopping it from closing.

    CRAZY funny to me, who regularly has to pull stickers off my machine! So keep an eye on that when Alice gets a little older and learns the fun of stickers on her shirt!

  3. Great to hear that your machine is up and running. Alice is looking so grown up in those photos, love the facial expressions x

  4. Alice is getting a lot of new hair. I love her ballerina tutu top. Guess she doesn't want a kiss from her little girlfriend. "Don't get too close..." Darling pictures of Alice and her friends. xoxo Grandma

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