Monday, December 9, 2013


The return of catalogue snowflakes. // Sunday morning therapy session.

Thursday and Friday were rough days for me. After the almost two-week mental roller coaster ride finally ended, I felt completely out-of-sorts. Deflated. Confused.

Friday morning I took Alice to Dino-land and, as I sat there recounting the last few days, I felt stupid for letting myself get so caught up in whether or not I was pregnant. I also felt betrayed and angry at my body! And as I sat there feeling sorry for myself, I started to cry. At Dino-land. Not surprisingly we left right after that.

After writing that blog post and then after an afternoon play date with a friend who was willing to listen (thanks, Jill!), I felt much better. And by Friday night, I was happily enjoying wine and Breaking Bad and not thinking all that much about those last 12 days.

The rest of our weekend was spent mostly inside and out of the snow and single-digit temperatures. On Saturday I had the urge to craft and made catalogue snowflakes and a snowman for our balcony window while Alice napped. And then on Sunday Alice went to her Grandma Julie and Zayde Aharon's house for the day! Lee crazily went for a mountain bike ride with 6 inches of fresh snow on the ground (!!) while I went for a much-needed solo run.

As I ran up the hills of the Avenues, through snowy City Creek Canyon and back toward downtown to our loft, I felt so clear-headed. And so happy not to be pregnant at that moment as I pushed myself to a 7:19 and a 7:05 for my last two miles home.

Maybe I'll start obsessing about running and racing again instead of trying for baby number two.

Weekend workouts: Saturday - Rest day! Sunday - Run! 6.3 miles/51:36 minutes/552 feet elevation gain. Snowy and sunny and fast and just what I needed.

Big Kitty & shadows of snowflakes.


  1. Thank you for being so open! You are so fast! I know you were fast before you had Alice too, but do you feel different (better/worse) now that you've been doing CrossFit with it?

    1. I do feel like CrossFit has helped my running! My legs feel so strong when I'm running hills or pushing the pace. I also think it has helped me to avoid injury as I'm training more than just the muscles of my legs for running. I miss CrossFitting with you, Sarah!! XO.

  2. As someone who has done a lot of crying in public lately, I feel for you. Sometimes you just have to give in & feel sorry for yourself, then you can move past it. Good luck with the ultra marathon training!


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