Friday, January 25, 2013

Catalog Snowflakes.

Getting my craft on...

Although I'd like to be, I wouldn't consider myself all that crafty.  Try as I might to create my own craft ideas, they usually end up sort of flopping.  But I love seeing all the creative things other moms do with their kids and I bookmark craft ideas that I can't wait to do with Alice once she's a bit older.  While out on an afternoon walk earlier in the week I walked past a restaurant that had their windows full of hand-made snowflakes.  This, of course, brought back memories of when I was a kid and we would do the same thing, filling our bedroom window with white paper snowflakes.  I've been meaning to do this craft with (for?!) Alice and finally got around to it this morning.  As I cut my first snowflake out of virgin printer paper, I felt that enviro-geek guilt creep in as I thought about all the waste that was coming from my little craft project.  As I thought about what to do, I looked over at Alice who was busily tearing apart one of the many catalogs that we still receive (much to my dismay).  And then I had an idea... 

Catalog snowflakes!

The catalog Alice was currently destroying was for some kids' clothing company and its pages were filled with brightly colored and crazily patterned paper.  Perfect for the craft at hand!  Here's what you'll need to do this ridiculously simple craft:
  • Brightly-colored catalog
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A kid who isn't approaching nap-time 

Of course I'd forgotten how to fold paper to create a snowflake but a quick google-search jogged my memory and then the cutting and creating began.  I was only able to make five or six snowflakes, tape them to the window, and then take a few pictures before Alice had had enough of my crafting and was ready for her nap.  So we'll finish this project later.

But I love how it is turning out already.

  Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! Even when crafting...


  1. Very cute project. Gives something for Alice to look at in her room. Love the colors, they even match some of the colors in your room and rug.

    You can possibly change this up for the seasons. Use reds/pinks catalog pages for Valentines and make hearts.

    Great way to recycle old catalogs. xoxo

  2. SO so cute girly! I love how colorful they all are as well! Have a great weekend :)

  3. I love these! Amazing! I've been looking for easy things I can do for Gus's room and I think these might just be it. :)


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