Friday, October 11, 2013

Fool me once.

Memory Grove, City Creek Canyon.

After a late night out with friends celebrating an engagement and an early morning with a toddler whose internal alarm is consistently set for 6:05AM and a loft that is basically dismantled at the moment, I'm a little off my usual morning rhythm. As expected, our contractor did not start building our wall this week as planned. Since this project has been in the planning phase since July and we've been chasing this guy for an estimate and start date ever since, I'm starting to think that old saying of Fool me once... definitely applies to us. Maybe we just need to move on and find another contractor to do the job.

Know anybody that can do drywall in a timely manner? Send them my way.

Yesterday we painted doors and door jams. Today Lee is sealing all of the concrete walls and pillars in our bedroom. Tonight and tomorrow night we'll spend in a hotel so Alice and I can stay out of the loft and out of Lee's hair while he does another coat of concrete sealant and paints a few more walls. Sunday Alice will go to her grandparents' house while we reattach our closet to the wall. And then we will only have the entire bathroom to remodel. And four more walls with 14+ foot ceilings to paint. Ugh. No big deal.

Lee and I are both starting to tire of this loft remodel and, unfortunately, we still have weeks left ahead of us. But at least by Sunday, everything in our bedroom will be finished.

Except for that goddamn wall.

When I'm at the end of my rope with this kid, I'll just remember this face.

Weekly workouts: Monday - CrossFit! Back squats, 30 reps at 70% of 1-rep max (110lbs), every re-rack = 5 box jumps penalty (1 penalty), then 2 rounds of: 400m run + 30 kettle bell swings (35lbs) + 30 burpees + 400m run (5 min rest between rounds). And I had the fastest time for THE DAY among the women! Tuesday - Strict shoulder press (find a 3-rep max = 80lbs), then 5 rounds of: 1 minute max effort pull-ups (blue band only!) + 1 minute max effort wall balls (14lbs) + 1 minute rest = 183 reps. Wednesday - Walk! 5 miles with Jaimie. Thursday - Rest day! I was still insanely sore from Mon/Tues. Friday - Walk! 3 miles in Memory Grove.


  1. Love the red leaves! Such great color and contrast. AND love that adorable face! The construction will soon be part of the past... and you'll only have memories of the messes. xo

  2. Oh that sucks about your contractor. Sounds like you are making progress on all other fronts though! And congratulations on your fast time, I still get lapped by one of the other girls at cross fit, so I don't think I'll be making fastest time anytime soon!


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