Friday, October 18, 2013

Trail Etiquette.

On the bus! Headed to the trail. // My favorite little city.

I had an epic trail run yesterday afternoon. It was one of those runs where the temperature was perfect, the fall colors were vibrant, and my head was clear. I did one of my old favorites where I take a quick 10-minute bus ride from downtown to the mouth of Dry Creek canyon. From there it's a gradual climb up a narrow ravine to the natural shoreline of a lake that covered most of Utah and parts of Idaho and Nevada some 15 to 30-thousand years ago, the great Lake Bonneville. That shelf-like shoreline has been turned into a trail that extends across most of the Wasatch Front and can be used for hiking, trail running, or mountain biking.

And it is pretty much in my backyard.

Because of its close proximity to downtown, the Bonneville Shoreline Trail can get a little crowded with runners and bikers and hikers with dogs, especially on weekends. And since 90% of the most popular segment is single-track, it's imperative that everyone be on the same page when it comes to simple trail etiquette. So I'm going to teach you the rules! Feel free to take notes.

When mountain-biking...

  • You must yield to all runners and hikers (and dogs) regardless if you are on an uphill or a downhill section of trail. I know that totally sucks, especially if you are on a grueling uphill grinder but I've found that most fellow trail-users have sympathy for your hard work and will generally get out of your way so you can pedal on by and not lose all your momentum.
  • If you are mountain-biking downhill and encounter another biker on the uphill, you must yield to them by stopping off the trail or getting out of their way so they can easily get by. Just remember how hard you worked to get up your steep sections.
  • Stay on the trail! Don't add to the erosion problem by blazing your own path.
  • Avoid using headphones. You are operating an oftentimes speeding object. You never know who or what might be around that next blind corner. Use your ears to help avoid a collision!

When hiking or trail-running...

  • Be nice to the bikers. Even though they are supposed to get out of YOUR way, if they are coming uphill, let them continue to do so! A few steps off the trail for a few seconds won't make all that much of a difference on your run/hike but will make a huge difference for the biker.
  • If you hike or run with a dog, KEEP THEM LEASHED! I can't tell you how many times I've come around a corner on my bike or while running and found a random dog bounding down the trail with an owner a few hundred feet behind them, yelling Bruno! Leave the biker alone! No, Bruno! Don't bite their bike tires! Bruno! Stop chasing that runner! Just do us all a favor and keep your dog leashed (I'm pretty sure it's the law, too). And clean up after your dog when it poops, for the love of god!!
  • Avoid using headphones. How will you hear that mountain biker barreling down on you if you have Ke$ha blasting in your ears?! Enjoy the scenery. Stay in the moment. Run music-free!

Did I miss any? How about in other states or other countries... Is trail etiquette well known and followed where you live?

Weekly workouts: Monday - CrossFit! Back squat: Find a 2-rep max (150lbs), then 5 rounds for time of: 10 power snatches + 10 thrusters (65 lbs Rx). Tuesday - CrossFit: 10 sets of 3: strict shoulder press at 55% (55lbs) + strict pull-ups (blue band), then 2 rounds of 5 min as-many-rounds-as-possible (with 3 min rest between rounds): 5 kettle bell swings + 7 clapping pull-ups (I tried to do the Rx weight for KB swings of 53lbs and did 6 rounds in the first set, then on the second round I switched to the 44lbs KB and did another 6 rounds... ouch). Wednesday - Rest day! Thursday - Trail run: Dry Creek to City Creek then home! 8.8 miles/979-feet elevation gain. Friday - Walk up to Capitol Hill. 4 miles.

I might just spend every day on this trail till it's covered in snow.


  1. You forgot to mention the pairs running/walking/biking who forget to single file it. And the woof woof message to the dogs to keep their owners in line. :)

  2. Great infor... I've had a few encounters with some trail blazers, who don't obey any of your words of wisdom. They look at me (old lady), like what's up? When they were clearly in the wrong. If it were possible, I would give them your list of trail etiquette.

    Your pictures are beautiful. xo


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