Monday, October 14, 2013


The closets have been reinstalled & the concrete has been sealed! One room, almost done.

As you can see in that top picture, staying in a hotel both Friday and Saturday night was a really good idea as that's how our bedroom looked up until 4PM yesterday. Not all that sleep-friendly, especially with a toddler. Since we live right downtown, though, there are a handful of hotels all within walking distance of our loft. Lee found a great deal on a room at the Hyatt Place just down the street but there was a catch: the wheelchair-accessible room was the only one available at that rate.

But it turns out, the wheelchair-accessible room was perfect for two adults and a toddler! Wide door to easily get in and out of the room. Ample living room space to park my stroller. Beautiful views of the city and the Wasatch mountains. Spacious bathroom for when Alice wouldn't let me pee in private. Beds lower to the ground than a standard hotel room.

It also turns out, that the lower bed was just what we needed, too.

Having a kid has made me a ridiculously light sleeper. Then add in that we've been sharing a room with Alice for six weeks and I'm pretty sure I haven't gotten a restful night's sleep since we moved back into our loft. So I wasn't at all surprised when Alice's little sighs and squeals woke me up a few times as she slept in the second queen bed just a few feet from us that first night in the hotel.

And then around 4AM I heard a rustle followed by a THUMP.

I sat up. Looked over at the other bed. And it was empty! Alice had tossed and turned enough to knock over the wall of pillows and had taken a tumble off the bed. When I ran over to come to her rescue, her stunned little eyes looked up at me from the small crack between the window and the bed, but she didn't cry! Surprisingly she fell asleep almost immediately after I laid her back down. And then I attempted to slept next to her for the rest of the night, my arm protectively draped across her wiggly little body.

Attempted being the operative word in that sentence.

We may have found a door for our bedroom! Just as soon as I see what is under all that paint...

Weekend workouts: Saturday - Hotel gym workout! 15 min elliptical, then 4 rounds of: 10 strict press (40lbs) + 10 overhead tricep extensions (20lbs) + 25 air squats. Then 50 stability ball sit-ups + 50 push-ups (knees). Sunday - Rest day! And a lot of climbing up and down the ladder.

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  1. Glad things are settling down a bit with the condo remodel. Maybe the contractor will come and get your wall up this week. Sleep is so very important for both adult and child. Take care. xo Mom


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