Tuesday, October 22, 2013


6AM reflection & the full moon.

Currently... reattaching outlet covers, rehanging our TV and putting furniture back into place and THEN I'll take some pictures of the new paint. We're pretty happy with how it turned out.

Currently... considering buying this clock for our kitchen wall. Or there is this one but it is significantly more expensive. Thoughts?

Currently... finding it a little disturbing (and totally awesome) that egg nog is on the shelves at the grocery store already. I'll be having it in my coffee every morning till January.

Currently... looking forward to a few days break from the loft remodel. Home improvement isn't easy on the hands, the back, or our relationship! (I love you, Lee!)

And currently... Happy 19 months, Love Bug.

What are you currently doing?

Goodnight Moon.


  1. Very cool pictures. You have been busy! xo

  2. I like the first clock better.

  3. It's so dark out in your photo, it's daylight here at 6am. Summer sure is kind, but on the flip side Lulu is now up at 6am each day... Hope Alice is sleeping in a little longer for you x


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