Friday, September 27, 2013


Little urban adventurer.

I feel a little spread thin lately with moving and unpacking and entertaining a toddler while Lee works from home and keeping up my workouts and... blogging. I know it's been a bit dull around here lately but that is hopefully about to change.

With September coming to an end, a new chapter begins for our little family. As of October 1st, Alice will have both of her parents staying at home! That's right. Neither of us will be working. Major life changes happening over here.

So stay tuned as we finish (start?!) our loft remodel and embrace small space living. Follow along as we learn to live on a smaller budget. And bear with us as we figure out what will be our next step.

Weekly workouts: Monday - Rest day! Tuesday - CrossFit! 2 rounds of 5-4-3-2-1 reps of handstand push-ups (2 ab-mats then did deficits to the ground) + strict pull-ups (BLUE BAND ONLY!), then 3 rounds for time of 8 power cleans (90lbs) + 12 dips (red band) + 16 toes-to-bar (I finally did an actual toes to bar! But not for the entire workout). Wednesday - 3 sets of 5 snatch balances (63 lbs), then 4 rounds for time of 400-meter run + 25 kettle bell swings (35lbs) with a two-min rest in between each round. Thursday - Walk! 5 miles in the AM with a friend. Then 3 miles in the afternoon with another friend. Friday - CrossFit! Find a 5-rep max for strict shoulder press (73lbs... GRRRR!), then 15 min as many rounds as possible of 5 power snatches (55lbs) + 10 push-ups (knees) = 11 rounds + 2 reps.

Morning coffee & the State Capitol.


  1. Nice job on your blue band strict pull-ups! I'm also impressed with your power clean weight during the WOD! I can't wait to read about all the changes to your family especially the small-space living and budgeting. What an exciting time.

  2. Very exciting! I can't imagine how lovely it would be to have an extra parent at home... sleep! :) I'm sure there is lots of planning going on over there, and I know change (even good change) can be super stressful, but I hope you guys can enjoy this time together.


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