Thursday, September 26, 2013

Paper vs. Stencil.

Stencils - 1. 2. 3. 4. Wallpaper - 5. 6.

Now that we are about a month away from having a permanent wall (!!) I'm starting to peruse and bookmark ideas for Alice's bedroom. Since her room will be... cozy... with not a lot of wall space for hanging pictures, we want to do something vibrant and bold that will brighten the space and not scream KID'S BEDROOM!

Maybe I'm not looking in the right places but I haven't found a whole lot of cool, kid-like wallpaper out there. And the stuff I have found? Pretty expensive. After drooling over the walls in Mama Smith's nursery/toddler bedroom, I finally asked her where she found that beautiful and brightly-colored wallpaper.

Turns out, it's a stencil! And she found it on Etsy.

We haven't ruled out the idea of wallpaper just yet as our interior designer says she has a few designs she thinks will fit the bill. And if we go the stencil route, luckily it won't be a very big wall to cover which hopefully won't make it a gigantic pain-in-the-ass to apply.

But I still think it will be a gigantic pain-in-the-ass to apply.

Have you ever done a wall stencil? How difficult was it? Give it to me straight.


  1. I feel like the stencil wouldn't be TOO bad if it is a really small space. Plus, it would probably be worth it to save that money. You could maybe just do one wall?

  2. So excited to see what you guys come up with! I did find some cool wallpapers (places like Fine Little Day and Ferm Living). They were pretty pricey though and nothing was quite my personality, I felt like I was being too swayed by trends and not true enough to my own style- so stencil it was :) The multiple colors is what made it time consuming- 5 separate brushes and 5 separate foam plates of paint and then dabbing in a few squares of one color, down a step stool to wrap that color and brush in plastic wrap so it didn't dry out, up with another color... It seemed easy but just took forever. BUT one color with a roller would have been a breeze, even two colors wouldn't have been bad. I know whichever way you go will be so much fun for little Alice!


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