Thursday, July 11, 2013

Flying with cats: Round two.

Foxtail Lilies. Downtown Farmers Market, SLC.

With our move date rapidly approaching, I'm starting to make mental notes of all that needs to be done before we pack up and head back west.  And just like when we moved here three years ago, I'm sort of stressing about moving my two cats back to Salt Lake City.  Last time we flew with them, one of my best friends accompanied me because flying with a cat wasn't really Lee's scene.  And it turned out that holding them through security was no big deal as the cats were so terrified, they sat still as statues in our arms and then happily hopped back into the safety of their carriers once we were were through.

This time, though, there will be no Jaimie and there will be an Alice.

Lee isn't too excited about this whole flying with cats and a toddler on a flight just shy of five hours.  Honestly, neither am I.  And it still remains to be seen if the airlines will allow us to fly with two adults, two cats AND an infant-in-arms.  All on two tickets.

I'm definitely not holding my breath.

Any horror stories of flying with pets?  Not that I need to start fixating on things that can go wrong while flying with Big Kitty and Little Kitty... 

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful color in your pictures. So pretty.

    I'm sure there will be a few good "cat" stories to tell, hopefully not horror stories.

    Do you want me to bring them back with me, when I visit in two weeks? I can set them up in your condo and check on them every day. It's an option. Think about it ok! xo


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