Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wheels up.

 All the essentials for flying...

We've reached our cruising altitude (I'm blogging via iPad at 30,000 feet). The cats are stowed under the seats in front of us and so far, so good. Putting them in their carriers and getting them to the airport was a breeze (although they cried the entire time).

Once we got to the airport and I paid their airfare (not cheap!) we made the dreaded walk to the security line. Of course the security lady checking our IDs was like, You know you have to carry them thru the scanner, right? UM, YES! I KNOW THIS!! STOP RUBBING IT IN THAT MY LIFE IS ABOUT TO BE A LIVING HELL!  We chose a security line in the far corner and began the process of getting thru security.  Jaimie went first with Big Kitty and, like the cat pro that she is, she picked Big Kitty up out of her carrier, walked through the scanner, Big Kitty didn't budge from under her arm and then she plopped BK back in her carrier, no problem.  It was like they were traveling pros, those two!  Not to be upstaged, I did the same thing with Little Kitty and, miraculously, we had no issues either.


Unbelievable.  All my worrying and fretting was for nothing!  Now I know these two cats are still beyond freaked out as I hear the occasional helpless meow from under the seat but the hard part is over, girls!!  Next stop??  Your new home in Boston!

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