Friday, July 19, 2013


 Cloth diapers in 1980.

Currently... enjoying an iced coffee with delicious homemade almond milk.  If you are an almond milk drinker (I'm usually not), you should try making your own.  It's crazy-easy.

Currently... looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully a reprieve from this heat as a high of 99F is predicted for today in Boston!

Currently... inspired to do something bold in Alice's new room after seeing Mama Smith's nursery for her toddler boy and soon-to-be baby girl.  That bright wallpaper and colored clock are my favorite!

Currently... happy with my decision to forgo CrossFit this morning (150 push-ups?! No thanks!) and go for a run instead.  And by 6AM, it was already a hot and humid mess out there.

And currently... wondering if round two will ever happen for us.  As always seems to happen when I want something, I am surrounded by pregnant women and newborns and announcements of pregnancies!  All in due time.  I hope. 

 Cloth diapers in 2013.

Weekly Workouts:  Monday - CrossFit: 50 pull-ups (green band) + 50 burpees + 50 kettle bell swings (35lbs). Tuesday - CrossFit: 5 sets of 3 back squats (125lbs), then 4 sets of 6 depth box jumps. Wednesday - Rest day! Thursday - CrossFit: Rope climbs!! (3), then 3 minutes max effort one-armed kettle bell thrusters = 41reps (26 lbs) + 2 minutes max effort double-unders = 45 + 1 minute max effort plate push-ups = 14, then 800 meter run (3:15). Friday - Run! 3.5 miles.


  1. It's like that at them moment hey, everyone seems to be pregnant! I've got a few friends due in December/January. We've just started trying again, but I'm not too fussed if it takes a little while. Fingers crossed your round two happens soon xx

  2. I remember you would not let me change your diaper. You thought it was funny to let me chase after you, the diaper kept getting saggier and juat about fell off of your cute bottom. Cloth diapers, diaper pins, plastic pants to cover and then a cute outer cloth pantie. We started potty training you soon after that picture was teken. You thought going on your own kid sized potty was fun... so you were really easy to train. That will be your next adventure with Alice.

    I love the comparisons of you and Alice. Hair color is just about identical. Fun memories. xo

  3. Fingers crossed for you! It's funny how, once you start thinking about it, it's ALL you can think about!

    ... and that nursery of Mama Smith's is so perfect, isn't it?

  4. I feel your pain, sister...I feel your pain

  5. Thanks so much for the sweet compliment! I know Alice's new space will be wonderful. I've been taking a big old Internet break while on bed-rest, but I looked back and saw you have some fun ideas for your loft. 3-form is great, I've worked with them a bunch of times and they have so many options for panels too.

    Whenever you're thinking about a baby, it does seem like everyone is pregnant! It took us a while the first time and it did start to become painful to hear about other people having babies, even though I was happy for them too. This time I had the opposite experience, it happened so fast that I was shocked... so you never do know. I'm sure once the stress of the move is behind you, everything will fall into place :)


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