Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mom Shoes.

I realize this post may catapult me into uncool mom territory, but I'm okay with that.  Lately my feet and ankles have been feeling their age and with as much time as Alice and I spend outside walking our neighborhood or playing at the park, those flat-soled havaianas and ballet slippers just weren't giving me the support I needed.  So a few weeks back, before our trip to PEI, I found some sandals that do!  And I bought both pairs.

They are both super comfortable.  And somewhat stylish.... right?!

How about you? Do you chose fashion over comfort?  Before I bought these shoes, I tried to fall in love with a pair of Birkenstocks.  And that style just wasn't for me.  Luckily those geniuses at Zappos have free shipping both ways!


  1. I always always always chose comfort over fashion! My three favorite summer shoes are from aerosoles! Love them. Yours are very cute!

  2. Absolutely comfort. Those are great looking shoes. My foot doc said, I need to get some specially fitted shoes... they run about $200, but I guess if my feet don't hurt, it will be worth the hurt to my wallet.

  3. They are cute shoes, especially the bottom pair. My birkenstocks have been getting way more action this past summer than ever before. It is the lifting as well as just plain getting older! Ugh. I bought a pair of saltwater sandals & love them too.


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