Thursday, May 30, 2013


One of the first things I noticed after driving across the Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island was the patchwork of spring green and bright yellow that covered the rolling hills of this small island.  As we neared Charlottetown, the yellow continued on the lawns of homes, the fields of schools, and along the grassy patches near the water.  Upon closer inspection, I realized that a persistent and bothersome weed was responsible for all of that bright yellow color. 


Of course I googled dandelions on PEI to see why the residents allow that little yellow flower to proliferate every available green-space and I found out that rather than try to obliterate the dandelion with pesticides and toxic chemicals they've chosen to embrace it, letting it grow freely all over the island.  In fact, they even purposely grow it for harvest!  And last weekend, over Victoria Day, the weed was celebrated in a festival with dandelion-inspired craft projects, information on the importance of dandelions in Chinese medicine and demonstrations on how to eat the completely edible plant, even serving up dandelion pancakes with dandelion syrup!  

Like most kids, I used to love picking dandelions for a bouquet or making a dandelion chain to wear on my head or pressing then dragging the dandelion across my forearm to create a yellow streak.  And then, after seeing how beautiful dandelions really are, I started to wonder how this little plant became such a nuisance and why we spend so much energy and use so many harmful chemicals trying to eradicate it.   

Your thoughts?  I know the dandelion competes for nutrients and water with commercial crops... but for those of us growing little gardens, why can't we embrace that pop of yellow color in our pots and lawns and flower beds?

  Dandelions on Prince Edward Island. May 2013.


  1. You know, where I'm from (Bosnia), this is the sight I see every Spring wherever I go! Thanks you for sharing it reminded me of home!


  2. Love the bright colors. Looks like the weather is cooperating... have fun. xo

  3. So pretty! I love this!

    We just had a man come to our front door pointing out all the weeds (clover, purple violets, and dandelions) in our yard and how he could take care of it with 1,233,988 pounds of chemicals. I was all "sorry, we don't believe in polluting our water supply" and he practically ran off our property away from the scary hippies. :)


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