Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Confederation Bridge.

Confederation Bridge, from the New Brunswick side. May 2013.

To get to Prince Edward Island via car, you must drive the 8-mile long Confederation Bridge that crosses the Northumberland Strait from the province of New Brunswick, Canada.  Prior to 1997, the island was only accessible by ferry or airplane.  And then, a billion dollars later, there was this bridge.

No wonder the bridge toll is $44.50.


  1. What? $44.50 to cross a bridge... that is outrageous. I guess people who want to visit, really want to go there.

    Great pictures. Looks like every one had a good time. xoxo

  2. Whoa! That's some toll! But that bridge looks absolutely amazing... like it could cross an ocean!

  3. That is quite a price. Hopefully the toll gives them a little maintenance money. I get a little freaked out on huge bridges like that. You just never know when it might give way underneath you. Crazy hey?


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