Friday, June 7, 2013


Me @ 14 months. Alice @ 14 months.

Currently... completely out of sync with Alice today.  She's cranky and whiny.  I'm moody and tired.  And then throw in this downpour from tropical storm Andrea that is keeping us mostly home-bound and we're both sort of a mess.  But she is napping now (thank god!) and I am getting my best mommy game face on for the remainder of our day together.

Currently... despite the very un-summery weather, I'm excited to have my first Dark & Stormy of the season tonight.  Is it cocktail hour yet?!

Currently... speaking of libations, did you know that, if you drink beer with any regularity, your body starts to relax almost immediately at the mere taste of your favorite brew?  As an almost nightly beer drinker, I couldn't agree more.

"Our bodies anticipate the effects of alcohol by a conditioned response, like Pavlov's dogs. Our brains start to release euphoric signals in response to the taste of beer, even before alcohol gets into our blood, because we seem to know what's coming."

Currently... in total agreement with the number 1 show in the 101 Best Written TV Series.  And, out of the top 30 shows, I religiously watched numbers 1, 2, 7, 18, and 30 (I so miss show number 18!!). 

And, in case you're wondering the story behind that photo and why my mom gave me a can of root beer at 14 months, she left me in the kitchen by myself for a few minutes and, when she came back, I'd gotten into a bit of mischief in the cupboard that contained the flour.  Apparently when she scolded me for making such a huge mess, I bursted into tears (you can see tear marks in the flour on my face).  So to make me feel better, she gave me a soda.  My parents loved this picture so much they had it blown up and framed.  And it is still hanging in the hallway of my grandma's house today.

P.S. Another comparison picture of Alice and her momma.  Do you think we look alike?

Weekly Workouts: Monday - Crossfit: Find a heavy 3-rep max front squat (140lbs), then 12 front squats (100lbs) + 500 meter row (1:54). Tuesday - Crossfit: 4 sets of 4 dead lifts (115lbs), then 50 kettlebell sumo dead lifts (35lbs) + 100 kettlebell swings (35lbs) + 990 meter run. Wednesday - Rest day. Thursday - Crossfit: 6 sets of 2 thrusters (80lbs), then 30 pull-ups (green band) + 30 double-unders jump rope + 30 thrusters (55lbs) + 30 knees-to-elbows (8:08). Friday - Crossfit: 10 muscle snatches + 30 overhead squats (45lbs... wonky elbow problems), then 500 meter row + 50 push-ups (knees) + 400 meter run + 40 squats (8:48).


  1. Same nose and lips, but the eyes are all Lee :)

  2. I still remember that day... so glad I had film in the camera... and glad the picture turned out. You were and are still a very adventurous child. Always exploring and sometimes getting into trouble.

    Love that Alice has a bit of both of you in her! Enjoy the good times and the bad. Love and Miss you "3", xoxo Mom


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