Friday, August 31, 2012


  Alice in 2012. Mommy in 1979. Jumping enthusiasts.     

When I neared the end of my pregnancy, I received a large envelope from my mom full of photos of me as a baby.  I had asked for them so that, when Alice was born, we could compare those photos to see if she looked more like her mommy or her daddy.  It was blatantly obvious after she was born that she most resembled her daddy, though.  Her eye shape.  Her gummy smile.  Her frown-y face.  All from dad.  But, every once in awhile, she'll turn her head to look at me and I see bits of me, too.  Her elf ears.  Her squishy nose.  Her expressive eyebrows.  And, of course, her auburn hair.  All from mom.  

I am pretty sure she got my fiery personality, though.  But hopefully there is a healthy dose of Dad's patience sprinkled in there, too.

Why do kids things nowadays have to be all cheap looking and covered in plastic toys that beep and rattle and blink?  This Sassy Seat was the simplest jumper/exersaucer-type thing I could find.  If my mom still had that simple cloth chair, Alice would be jumping in it for sure.

Alice doing the two-step. August 2012.    


  1. My guy looks like his dad so much... I try to see myself in him but it's slim pickings :) Those jumpers are the best. I totally agree that I don't know why all toys are so ugly except for the fancy and expensive one's.

    We did actually get a jumper that is just plain blue made from a Canadian company called Merry Muscles. It was far more pricey but puts them in a more comfortable jumping position and can be used all the way until 2 years old (plus it was the only one that would work with our giant molding since you can just hang it off a hook).

    She's adorable and so were you!

    xo Lilly

  2. They really do dress up all those things s they look like they should be parade floats or something! Wether it looks like the dad or mom, that is one cute and happy baby!

  3. She does resemble her dad, but I see you in this picture too!

    Also, your old jumper is gorgeous! And I agree, everything like that nowadays is super expensive. Why? Wood, canvas, no plastic cheapness... they knew what it was all about back in our baby days!

  4. So much fun to compare you as a baby and Alice together. Alice does have a bit of both of you in her.

    She is beautiful AND smart just like her mommy... and daddy! A great combination! xo

  5. soooo amazing how much alike you two look in these photos! Alice is ADORABLE, getting cuter & cuter by the post.

  6. Ah - the similarity in the jumpers is so awesome!


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